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Help with Scripts
Forum ID: 7
Amount of activity: High number of topics and a high number of replies.
Opened: 2012
Types of users who can post: Everybody.
Brief description: "Need help with your Scratch project? Ask here!"

The Help with Scripts forum is a part of the Scratch Forums dedicated to helping Scratchers with the scripts inside their projects.

What the Forum Contains

The forum normally includes topics asking for help with a project, help with understanding a block, coding tutorials, and other script related topics.

Topics usually fall under these categories:

Requests for Help

Many Scratchers often have a bug in their program,[1] need help creating a project,[2][3] or need help understanding a block,[4] so they post in this forum. This will occasionally include homework questions, in which case it is advised that a Scratcher who wants to help doesn't reveal the full solution, but only gives some hints.

Coding Tutorials

Sometimes, coding tutorials are posted.[5] One benefit that these posts have are that they can use scratchblocks code. There is also a sticky that allows Scratchers to test the scratchblocks plugin.[6]


The Help with Scripts forum receives constant activity from various Scratchers looking for help and wanting to offer it.[citation needed] The forum has received a link on the ideas page.[7]

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