This page in a nutshell: Use the {{@|<username>|<more usernames>}} template to send a notification to the user(s).

Mentioning a user (also known as pinging, replying to or tagging) sends them a notification informing them that they have been mentioned, via the Echo extension. These notifications can be viewed at Special:Notifications, which can be accessed in the envelope in the navigation bar when you are logged in.

This functionality is used to reply to users: the mentioned user will receive a notification without the replying user having to post on their talk page. It can also be used for bringing users into a discussion, for example a discussion that a particular user might be interested in (such as a content dispute in which they are involved), or a user who has opted into the discussion invitation system.


In its simplest form, mentioning a user is accomplished by linking to their userpage in a talk page comment and signing your name. You can also use the template {{@|<username>}} to make the ping more explicit, but you must sign the post after or they will not receive a notification. To ping multiple users, add more parameters: {{@|<user1>|<user2>|<user3>}}, up to a limit of 50 users per edit.

Example of a valid mention:

Hello {{@|User1}}, how are you doing today? ~~~~

Hello @User1, how are you doing today?
User2 (talk | contribs) 00:00, 1 January 2023 (UTC)

If you use a custom signature, you must ensure that your signature contains either a <scratchsig> tag with your name, or a wiki-link to your user page, your talk page, or your contributions. If your signature does not have any of these, no notifications will be delivered.

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