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This guide will show you how to make your own user header on the Scratch Wiki.

  1. Make a Subpage of your userpage on the Scratch Wiki called "Header" at Special:MyPage/Header.
  2. Add to the page what you want to be in your header. Often, Scratchers have a simple set of links to various pages (their userpage, talk page, Scratch profile, etc.).
  3. Transclude the header on each of your pages with {{User:your username/Header}} at the top.

You can use template notation to add an optional argument which makes the link to the current page unclickable. You can also include a button to leave a message on your talk page, your post/edit count, or a favorite quote. Headers typically include links to some of their main user subpages, such as a link to their user talk page, or their sandbox. Make it creative, but keep it simple and to-the-point. Here's an example of a userpage header for 'Example User'.

Example User

Talk | Profile | Scratch | "Insert quote here"
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