Go () () Layers
go [forward v] (1) layers
Category Looks
Type Stack
Introduced in 3.0

The Go () () Layers block is a Looks block and a stack block. The block moves its sprite forward or backward a given number of layers. Moving a sprite forward causes it to appear in front of other sprites, and moving it backwards causes it to appear behind other sprites.


Before Scratch 3.0, there were only the Go to Front and Go Back () Layers blocks. To move a sprite forward, one would use the Go Back () Layers block with a negative input.

Example Uses

The dropdown input in the block has two options: forward and backward. Some common uses are:

  • Making a sprite go behind another sprite
  • Moving sprites in 3-dimensional scenes and animations
  • Stacking sprites on top of each other (from a bird's-eye view)

It can be used in conjunction with the Go to () Layer block to move a sprite to a specific layer. For example,

go to [back v] layer
go [forward v] (3) layers

moves a sprite to the 4th layer from the back.

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