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On Scratch, users should give credit when they use sounds, sprites or costumes not made entirely by them. Such credit should go in the Notes and Credits section of a project's description.

When should credit be given?

When a project is remixed, automatic credit is given, however it is still suggested to credit the creator of the original project.[1]

If a script, costume, or sound was brought through the backpack from or was inspired by someone else's project, credit should also be given, otherwise it can count as plagiarism.

Credit should also been given to any external websites you used stuff from (e.g. music or assets)

Why does credit need to be given?

Failing to give credit to another Scratch project might be a violation of the CC-BY-SA 2.0 license (depending on the interpretation of the license), which is the license that all Scratch projects are subject to.[2] Even if the credit is not directed at another Scratch project, its license might still require it.

Other than that, it is also good etiquette to give credit, as the creator may want their work to be recognized. Sometimes this is not the case, but it's often good to give credit to someone if they inspired the project.

Projects can also sometimes be reported for failing to give credit to people to whom credit is needed but not automatically given, such as CC-BY-SA licensed music or art, as failing to do so is illegal.

How can credit be given to someone?

In the "Notes and Credits" section, give credit to a user, project, or studio. If something on another website inspired the project, copy the link, then paste the link into the Notes and Credits section. If the website may be inappropriate, the name of the website, page, and/or author will do.

If someone's project was remixed, it will automatically say "Thanks to <username with link> for the original project <project title>".

The remix credit box

Although it already says whose project was remixed, it is still suggested to credit the creator of the original project. [3]

When using someone else's assets for a different project, it is good manners to credit them in the "Notes and Credits". An asset could be a sprite, a costume, a sound, code, or anything that another Scratcher has made.

When crediting, make clear where the asset came from and what asset was used. It should be noted that crediting multiple people is valid and should be done if applicable.

Should the user also have permission to remix something?

No, everything on Scratch is under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License, which means that, while credit is necessary and not giving credit is reportable, direct permission is not required.

Any project that states that direct permission from the original owner is required to use content from, remix or recolor the project should be reported.


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