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GitHub is a website used by numerous open and closed source projects to use Git or Subversion as their version control system and get contributors. It is also used by the Scratch Team[1] to host the source code for Scratch, and the Scratch Wiki community uses it to host several MediaWiki extensions. It has both free and paid plans.

Public GitHub Repositories by the Scratch Team

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The Scratch Team is currently hosting fifty-five public repositories on GitHub.[2] Some of them are:

Downloading Repositories

Directly from GitHub

One way is to click the "Clone" button on the repository's page, and select the preferred protocol, or select "Download as .zip" Another way is to check the tags and download the source releases.

Installing Git

Note Note: Executing these commands requires superuser rights.

For common Linux distributions, run this command in terminal:

    • For Debian-based distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.):

# apt install git

    • For RPM-based distributions (Fedora, CentOS, etc.):

# dnf install git

    • For Arch-based distributions (Arch, EndeavourOS, Manjaro, etc.):

# pacman -S git

For Windows and macOS, install Git from its official website.


To clone a Git repository through a terminal, run this code (if Git is installed)

git clone <write the repository's URL and add .git at the end of the URL without any space>

Run Scratch Virtual Machine

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Note Note: Before running, download Node.js from its website and ensure that it has access to localhost.

Open Command Prompt/Terminal in the repository, then copy-paste the following code:

npm start

It should now work here.

Standalone Infrastructure

npm run build
<script src="/path/to/dist/web/scratch-vm.js"></script>
    var vm = new window.VirtualMachine();
    // do things

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