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This article or section documents an outdated version of Scratch (version 1.4). For this article in the current version (version 3.0), see Studio.
This article is about the website feature. For the Gallery tag on the Scratch Wiki, see Help:Images#Gallery of images.
The gallery section that was on every user's profile.

A gallery was a place where users could place multiple projects into an accessible group within a page. Projects in a gallery could be accessed by clicking their thumbnails. Some galleries were featured on the front page.

In Scratch 2.0, they were renamed to studios.


The default icon for a new gallery.

To create a new gallery, a user had to visit their profile page and view the section displaying galleries that the user was active in (see right image) and click on "create a gallery."

The user would be taken to a page where the following information must be entered:

  • Gallery name (cannot be a name that has already been used for a gallery)
  • Gallery description
  • Who can add projects:
    • Only the gallery owner
    • Only the gallery owner's friends
    • Everyone
    • Only some of the gallery owner's friends (only accessible once the gallery has been created)
  • Tags (optional)

Once completed, the gallery would be created. It would be empty at first and with a default icon, but projects could be added, and the icon could be changed.


A created gallery could be edited to display any project — just as if it were a museum's gallery.

The gallery owner could do any of the following:

  • Add projects
  • Change the criteria on who can add projects
  • Delete the gallery
  • Change the gallery's icon
  • Change the gallery description
  • Remove projects

However, one could not edit the tags of a gallery or give it custom tags as if it were a project.

Users could post comments as if the gallery were a project.

Adding Projects

How to add a project to a gallery

There were two ways you could add projects to a gallery: either your project into someone else's gallery, or someone else's project into a gallery. Both those options required that you were associated with the gallery you were adding to.

Adding projects into a gallery

On a project you are viewing, scroll down just underneath the actual project itself. Click 'add to a gallery' and from there you could add any gallery you were associated with. Note that you could not just add a project to any gallery, but ones owned by you, public that you bookmarked, or ones that your friends gave you permission to edit.

Adding your project into a gallery

This was only allowed if the gallery owner has allowed projects to be added by anyone. On the gallery you wanted your project to be added, just above the gallery description, click the button labeled 'add my projects' and check the tickboxes for the projects you want added and press accept. If the adding of projects wasn't allowed on this gallery, a friendly post in the gallery with a link to your project would notify the owner of the intention of a wanted project to be added.

Featured Galleries

The Featured Galleries section showed the three most recently featured galleries.

Featured Galleries were galleries chosen a Scratch Team member. They were shown in a section on the Front Page that displayed the three most recently featured galleries.

Unlike other sections on the front page, The Featured Gallery section had no time limit.

Unlike featured projects, the same user could have had multiple galleries featured (although not simultaneously).

Scratch Design Studio Galleries

Scratch Design Studio galleries were galleries which one could request to add their project to if it dealt with the current theme. The purpose of these galleries was to inspire users to make certain projects. Three random projects from this gallery were displayed on the homepage.

"Add Them All" Galleries

Main article: Add Everything Studios

"Add Them All" referred to those galleries that have no specific subject or theme. These galleries were often a good place for New Scratchers to share their projects as it was more likely that they will get help on ways they could improve their programming.


Galleries were used for any of the following:

  • Sources to view projects of a certain type or theme
  • Displaying past curator picks
  • Company headquarters
  • RPG grounds
  • Organizing contest entries

The uses of galleries were flexible and varied of many collective aspects.

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