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The footer

The footer is an area at the bottom of every page of the Scratch Website and Scratch Wiki. It only shows up on the Scratch Wiki if ScratchWikiSkin2 is in use, which it is by default. It contains Scratch-related links which either are official websites that have to do with Scratch, informational pages about Scratch, or subpages of the main Scratch website. There are 5 sections to the footer; About, Community, Resources, Legal, and Scratch Family. On mobile, only some of the links are visible; these are About Scratch, Jobs, Contact Us, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and the Community Guidelines.

At one point there was a semicolon under the footer due to the Semicolon Glitch. The semicolon returns on April Fools' Day every year.



This section mainly focuses on the main about page and gives 8 links to informational pages about Scratch.

About Scratch

The About Scratch link leads to the about page on Scratch, which is a page that gives a lot of the main information about Scratch, such as parent/educator info, an introductory video to Scratch, and more.

For Parents

The For Parents link leads to a page that gives parents information on Scratch, such as answers in an FAQ format to commonly asked questions.

For Educators

The For Educators link leads to a page that contains useful information for educators about Scratch.

For Developers

The For Developers link leads to a page that gives information about some projects the Scratch Team is involved in, and discusses some principles that guide them.

Our Team

The Our Team link leads to a page that has all the contributing members to Scratch listed. It also shows the profile picture and names for everyone on the Scratch Team.


The Donors link leads to a page that lists many organizations and individuals who have donated to Scratch.


The Jobs link leads to a page where people can find job openings for working with the Scratch Team. It currently redirects to a page that does not exist.

The Donate link leads to a page where people can donate money to the Scratch Foundation. Options include how much money and if it will be a monthly donation.


See also: April Fools' Day#2020

On April Fools' Day 2020. a mystery button appeared in the footer. When clicked, it showed cats.[clarify]


This section focuses on the community of the site, such as information that's related to the rules and information about Scratch.

Community Guidelines

Main article: Community Guidelines

The Community Guidelines link leads to the Community Guidelines, which are the 5 main rules of Scratch; be respectful, be constructive, share, keep personal info private, and help keep the site friendly.[1]

Discussion Forums

Main article: Scratch Discussion Forums

The Discussion Forums link leads to the Scratch Forums, a forum which uses the DjangoBB structure that is used for discussing Scratch.

Scratch Wiki

Main article: Scratch Wiki

The Scratch Wiki link leads to the Scratch Wiki, a wiki about all of Scratch that currently contains 2,168 articles. It is what this article is stored on. The footer also appears on the Wiki (although when the Scratch Team updates it on the main site, it does not automatically get updated here, as they are not synchronized. It must be changed manually.) On 3.0-styled pages, the Scratch Wiki link leads to the Scratch Wiki in that language, if one exists.


Main article: Scratch Statistics

The Statistics link leads to the Statistics page in Scratch 3.0, a page which has many statistics about Scratch. The statistics page contains quite a bit of information, and there are detailed facts about the website which are listed on the page.


This section focuses on materials which can give support and help to Scratchers.


Main article: Ideas Page

The Ideas Page is a page which contains Project Tutorials and Starter Projects, as well as other things that can give Scratchers ideas for projects.


Main article: Scratch FAQ

The FAQ link leads to a page that lists frequently asked questions and their answers. These range from general questions to questions about inappropriate content.


Main article: Download Page

The Offline Editor link leads to a page on how to download the Offline Editor for Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, and Android. The page also lists known bugs in the Offline Editor, updates information, and information on other versions of Scratch.

Contact Us

Main article: Contact Us

The Contact Us link leads to a page where one can send the Scratch Team a message.


This section focuses on documents surrounding governmental info.

Terms of Use

Main article: Terms of Use

The Terms of Use link leads to a page containing information on the legal rules of Scratch. The information is very in depth including the user agreement, the ScratchX terms of use, and more.

Privacy Policy

Main article: Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy link leads to a page about personal information on Scratch. The information goes over what data the Scratch Team collects, how it's used, and more.


Main article: Cookie Policy

The Cookies link leads to a page about each of the different cookies used on the Scratch website. It provides each of their names, providers, purposes, and expiration times. This does not appear on the footer in pages using the older interface (i.e. Profile pages, discussion forums, etc.).


Main article: DMCA

The DMCA link leads to a page about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Lifelong Kindergarten Group. This page included information on what the LLK will do when dealing with copyright and how to contact them.

Scratch Family

The section focuses on other Scratch-related sites:


Main article: ScratchEd

The ScratchEd link leads to a website designated for educators on Scratch. The website was an online community that can be used for things like sharing stories, exchanging resources, asking questions, and finding people. There were also many resources and areas to discuss.


Main article: ScratchJr

The ScratchJr link leads to a website for the children between 5 - 7 Scratch app called ScratchJr. The website provides updates, information, and an area to donate to the app.

Scratch Day

Main article: Scratch Day

The Scratch Day link leads to a website featuring information on Scratch Day. The website features tutorials on how to host an event, finding an event, and register/login as a host. The website also provides tips and resources for Scratch Day events.

Scratch Conference

The Scratch Conference link leads to a page on Scratch providing information on the Scratch Conference. The page also gives information on how to propose a session, the different types of sessions, and registration information.

Scratch Foundation

Main article: Scratch Foundation

The Scratch Foundation link leads to the Scratch Foundation website. The Scratch Foundation is what keeps Scratch running and their website talks about the different things they do for Scratch.

Scratch Store

The Scratch Store link goes to a website where one can buy Scratch merchandise.

April Fools Day

On April Fools Day, the Scratch Team frequently adds joke items to the footer.

In 2018, 'Surprise' was added under Community. Clicking it incremented a counter.

In 2019, 'Cats...?' was added under About. It showed images of cats along with some fake cat facts.

A similar section to Cats...? appeared in 2020, but was named 'Mystery' and contained questions the cats were 'asking'.

In 2021, a 'Secret Lives' link was added to the footer, similar to the "Mystery" and "Cats?" tabs. This link created windows titled "Shhh...🤫" that contained pictures of animals and captions.

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