This article is about the profile page feature. For the project row on the Front Page, see Featured Projects.
A featured project on a profile page.
The button that appears in the top left corner of the featured project.

A featured project is an area where a Scratcher can feature a single project on their profile page. This feature works like a showcase, and allows a user to show off their projects in a modest way. The project that is featured is located at the top of the page, between the About me section and the What I've been doing section. The project's thumbnail and a link to the project is displayed, with a label like "Featured Project" or "Remix this!" Some Scratchers have suggested to be able to type in their own label instead of having to choose from the options.[1]

How to Change Your Featured Project

You can change your featured project by scrolling your mouse over the project into the top left corner of the project. Then, a little black button should appear under your cursor. Click it, then select the project you would like to feature.

Optionally, you can select one of these labels:

  • Featured Project
  • Featured Tutorial
  • Work in Progress
  • Remix This!
  • My Favorite Things
  • Why I Scratch

It is possible to feature an unshared project. There are two ways:

1. Make sure you have two tabs open, one should be on your profile, the other one should be on your My Stuff page. The project you want to feature should be shared, but your featured project should be something else. Click the Change Featured Project tag and select the project you want to feature, but do not click OK. Instead, go to your my stuff page and unshare the project to be featured. Then click OK.[2]


2. The project you want to feature should be unshared. Copy the ID of the project (the numbers only), then click the tab on your profile. Right click the thumbnail of any project there (but remember which one!) and click Inspect Element. You should see a line like this: <div class="project thumb" data-id="some numbers"> Right click that line and click Edit HTML. Delete the numbers after data-id and paste the numbers of the project you want to feature there instead. Close Inspect Element, and select the thumbnail of the project you chose. Press OK.[3]

Note Note: Other users will not be able to view the project. Only the thumbnail will be visible.

Commonly Featured Projects

There are many reasons to feature a project on a profile page, but several include:

  • An introduction to one's account or self
  • A project for account announcements
  • A work in progress project
  • A curator project looking for projects to curate
  • A project to be proud of
  • The top project in terms of views, love-its, or favorites



The featured project used to be playable within the featured project area but was later removed in an update on the 15th of October, 2013.[4] The description of the update was:

Featured project on profile page is now an image with a link to the project, instead of a small project player. This saves resources, and makes the profile page faster to load. :)

– Lightnin, Scratch Team


The featured project used to only say 'Featured Project' above it as a description, but now it is customizable. This customization feature was added in an update on the 13th of February, 2015.[5] The description of this update was:

We now have the ability to customize our “Featured Project” panel on our profile page. You can select from 6 presets:
  • Featured Project
  • Featured Tutorial
  • Work In Progress
  • Remix This!
  • My Favorite Things
  • Why I Scratch

To do this: Go to Featured Project panel on your profile. Hover over your featured project, and then click “Change Featured Project.” Then simply pick one of the presets from the drop-down menu on that page.

– Speakvisually, Scratch Team

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