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This article is about the section of the Front Page. For the featured project on a profile page, see Featured Project (profile page).
The Featured Projects section shows twenty projects on the front page, as the row is scrollable

The Featured Projects section on the Front Page is where projects featured by the Scratch Team are displayed. Featured Projects is the highest slot on the Front Page, and the projects that are featured usually reach great popularity.

The Scratch Team process of featuring and reviewing a project.

Some users have suggested that there be a featured users section as well.[1] However, this is rejected by the Scratch Team.[2]

The "BreakDance" project, shared on March 5, 2007, was the first project to be featured in the Featured Projects section.[3]

Why a Project Gets Featured

Featured projects are not normally chosen for being an advanced project — rather, what is looked for are projects that are unique and have an interesting touch.

In rare cases, a featured project is later unfeatured, mostly if the project was featured on accident or turns out to be a blatant copy of another project. The project would also be taken out if it is unshared.

When projects get featured, an alert will be sent to the creator of the featured project.[4]

The alert a user receives when their project is featured by the Scratch Team.


Users can recommend projects to be featured in a studio created by the Scratch Team and curated by several Scratchers.

As stated in the studio, the Scratch Team is looking for:

  • Simple projects
  • Complex projects
  • Projects that show an innovative use of Scratch
  • Projects that promote collaboration and remixing
  • Projects by people who haven’t been on the front page a lot already
  • Projects that show diversity in the Scratch Community, such as gender, age, culture, country, interests, and so on
  • Projects that different kind of people would find enjoyable
  • Projects that inspire

There are restrictions as well; one can not submit a project if it:

  • Was created by themselves (the most commonly violated condition[5]) or they are a New Scratcher
  • Contains violence
  • Contains language inappropriate for any age
  • Is a copy of a commercial game or story; however, it is okay if it was inspired by it
  • Does not work well online
  • Breaks the Community Guidelines
  • Is labeled "NFE" (Not For Everyone)

Originally, a project was also required to be at least a week old and have under 40 love-its. These restrictions were changed after a user complained about them[6], but the Scratch Team later decided to remove the love-it limit, along with restrictions on proposing projects that were created by family members or already on the front page, altogether.

Featured Studios

Main article: Featured Studios
The Featured Studios section shows the five most recently featured studios.

A Featured Studio is a studio that has been chosen by one of the Scratch Team members. They are shown in a section on the Front Page that displays the five most recently featured studios.

Unlike other sections on the front page, The Featured Studio section has no time limit. Scratch Team members add a studio whenever they find an interesting one.[outdated]

Similarly to suggesting projects to be featured,[7] studios can be suggested to be featured here.

Featured Clutters

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Main article: Clutter#Front Page

On the Clutter site, Clutters were featured. These were chosen entirely by an administrator, not suggested by the community.

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