Fame is usually a term used to describe a Scratcher who fulfills certain conditions of notability, including those listed below. Fame itself is a controversial subject, with conditions varying from person to person. Some people have opinions that fame destroys the point of Scratch, which is educating people (notably programming), being creative, and friendly. It should be noted that there are no real conditions to be famous. Fame is simply a word used to describe a Scratcher, who, in the user's opinion, is famous. Another term for fame is popular.

Example Conditions of Fame

Note Note: There are no real conditions for fame, this is just an example; different users may have different opinions.

Causes of Fame

There is no exact recipe for fame; however, there are some ways that users frequently become well-known.

  • Having a project featured by the Scratch Team
  • Having a project curated on the front page
  • Receiving a love or a favorite from a user who is considered famous
  • Being followed by a "famous" user
  • Being mentioned by a "famous" user
  • Owning a popular studio
  • Having a project added to a popular studio
  • Participating on the forums and commenting on projects
  • Having many loves, favorites or views on a project
  • Sharing one of the first few remixes of a project that is considered famous


Fame is controversial as the point that users look beyond Scratch's educational purpose and treat the site as social media.[1] Some users have suggested to remove follower count.[2] Fame is not the main goal of Scratch, instead Scratchers should focus on learning to program and having fun. [3] Some Scratchers get too caught up with earning more fame.[4] Also, fame is one of the common reasons for quitting.[citation needed] Many users have pretended to quit Scratch as a popularity stunt.[citation needed]

How to Get Noticed

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Without projects, becoming famous is difficult. When making a project, focus on one part at a time. For example, one could start with the basic idea, come up with the base of the project, and work on making it smooth and the visuals later. A thumbnail is also helpful in getting people to view projects; they are the first thing that people see before clicking on most links to projects, and can be what makes a Scratcher view the project or not. Try not to make it too complicated, but put effort into it. Blank thumbnails might be frowned upon. If time allows, add music that fits the project well, making sure to credit the source. One could add a mouse trail or art. Be sure to choose a color palette before starting work, so that the project has visual style.


Many studios are awaiting curators, and there is no limit as to how many studios someone can join. Joining studios is not a requirement for getting noticed, but it allows further interaction with the community. Adding projects is also a way to get noticed, especially if it is a large or high-traffic studio.


On average, it is beneficial to be at least moderately active on the Scratch website. Making projects actively is also a good thing. Being friendly and open to conversation can also help, as people naturally enjoy talking to friendly people.

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