A face reveal is a type of project which a Scratcher reveals their face to the community. However, the Scratch Team does not allow such projects, and encourages users to report projects that contain face reveals as the primary focus of the project.[1][2] However, the Scratch Team has been known to allow including a user's face in a project if it is not the primary focus.[3]

Some Scratchers create false face reveals in an attempt to trick the community. These projects usually contain unrelated content such as rickrolls.

Note Caution: Revealing your face is strongly discouraged, as it can give away personal information.

Preventing Face Reveals

In order to stop face reveals, the Scratch Team has done the following:

  • Added the ability to report a project as face reveal.
  • On May 13, 2021, the ability to create a new costume using the camera option was removed.[4][5]
Reporting a face reveal

Allowed Face Usages in Projects

As of 2022, the only allowed way to include one's face in a project is if it is not the main focus. For example, one can use one's own face as a type of block in a game, but it is not allowed to make it so that their face is absolutely essential to a project.

Allowed Usage

A Scratcher may use a face that includes, but is not limited to, these ways:

  • Creating an animation in which the face is part of the project
  • Using a face in a "Game Over" screen
  • Having the face as the character in the platformer
  • Adding the face in a meme within the project
  • Having a minimal amount of facial expressions in a "How-to" project.

Not Allowed Usage

A Scratcher's description of a face reveal project. Because the face reveal is the main part of the project, it is not allowed.

A Scratcher may not use a face that includes, but is not limited to, these ways:

  • A project that says, "I know everyone has wanted to see my face for a while, so here it is:" followed by a picture of the user's face.


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