2 real kumquats
An evil kumquat

An evil kumquat is a fictional creature which is commonly said to eat forum signatures. In reality, it is a joke started by the Scratch Team member cheddargirl.

In real life, kumquats are a fruit in the orange family native to China; today, they are grown worldwide.


Cheddargirl's signature before being "eaten" by an evil kumquat.

The trend was started in the Scratch 2.0 Beta by the Scratch Team member cheddargirl, who discovered that the image host that held her signature, Imgur, was no longer supported. Instead of rebuilding her old signature, she changed her signature to the following:[1]

Sadly, my signature was eaten by an evil kumquat.

The trend spread very quickly, and many signatures now mention kumquats, specifically evil kumquats.[2]

cheddargirl's story can be read in this studio about evil kumquats here.

Scratch Website

This trend has also moved out of the forums to the Scratch Website, mostly in studios. Some Scratchers have created accounts called "EvilKumquat" or something similar.[3][4][5][6][7] The accounts may also say "I ate cheddargirl's siggy" or something similar. Some even post on the forums with their accounts[8] or 'communicate' with other kumquat accounts.[9]

Other Forms

A user who claims to have eaten the kumquat before it ate their signature

Some users reversed the trend, and said that their signature ate an evil kumquat[10] or said they were protected by a kumquat guard.[citation needed]


Some Scratchers[citation needed] make scripts about kumquats or getting rid of them in their forum signatures using scratchblocks BBCode, such as:

when gf clicked
if <<kumquat?:: #ff8c00> = <near:: sensing>> then
Get rid of all kumquats in the universe :: custom stack

Kumquat Guards

Some Scratchers[citation needed] also create "kumquat guards"[11] with scratchblocks, usually in the form of reporter blocks with faces made from characters:

<⌐■_■::sensing> //This is Sam! He will protect me if any kumquats try to eat my siggy.

Other examples of kumquat guards can include:

Guard housing <っ◕‿◕っ::sensing> <⌐■ᴗ■::sensing> <'__'::sensing> <◕–◕::sensing> :: custom stack

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