Erase All
erase all
Category Pen
Type Stack
Introduced in 0.3

The erase all block is a stack block and a pen block. The block removes all marks made by the pen or stamping. It is the only pen block that the stage can use.

Prior to Scratch 3.0, this block was called Clear, or clear.

Example Uses

This block is used in most projects involving the pen, as clearing the screen once the project starts would be a main priority.

Some common uses for the Erase All block are:

  • Clearing the screen in a paint program:
when this sprite clicked
switch costume to (pressed v)
erase all
wait until < not < mouse down? > >
switch costume to (not pressed v)
  • Resetting the penning ground in a pattern maker:
wait until <(dots made) > [50]>
set [dots made v] to [0]
erase all
  • Removing stamps in a maze generator or something similar:
when I receive [next maze v]
erase all
broadcast (generate v)
  • Clearing the screen to draw the next frame in a pen animation
when green flag clicked

define draw
erase all
. . .

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