The page that is shown when the email address confirmation is successful.
The message that appears when you click "confirm your email"

The email address confirmation system is a feature that allows the email address owner to confirm an account. This was implemented on February 13, 2015.[1] Accounts created before this date can also be confirmed. However, not doing so will result in an account only being able to create and save unshared projects.


This feature was implemented for a couple of reasons:

  • It allows users to subscribe to email updates from the Scratch Team
  • Stops trouble of password resetting
  • Stops possible hacking into an account
  • To deter misuse of the site[2]
  • Parents not wanting kids to interact with the community
Note Note: Users who do not confirm their email cannot be invited to studios, as the user who's inviting them will see a small textbox saying "Could not invite a curator with that username.". This is due to certain features of a user account being configured after the user confirms their email address[citation needed]. Also, the user's comments for that specific profile will be disabled, and the user cannot enable/disable them until they confirm their email. The other restrictions are that users will not be able to follow users and studios, post comments, make forum posts, change their icon, or save changes on their About me and What I'm Working On.

How to Confirm an Email Address

The banner that tells you to confirm your email address
The banner that appeared when the email service on Scratch was disrupted
  1. Go to the "Email Tab" in the Account Settings page on the Scratch Website.
  2. If the account was created before the update, the email is already sent. If not, click "Send".
  3. Log into the email account.
  4. There should be an email asking to confirm. Click "Confirm my email address" or alternatively click on the link below the button.
Note Note: If the email cannot be found, it might be possible that the email is in the spam folder or updates/promotions if Gmail is used. If it still cannot be found, choose to send the email again by going into "Account settings" then selecting the email option and choosing "Resend confirmation email".

Changing an Email Address

The message that shows when you change your email.

After an email has been confirmed, it can still be changed. To do this, go to the Account Settings.



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  2. post:6453947 "Requiring a confirmed email is a pretty effective deterrent to various forms of undesirable behavior."
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