The Disappearing Comment Bug is a common bug[1] on the Scratch website which causes comments to not show when attempting to view them. This bug is commonly found in Scratch 3.0[2] and according to the Scratch Team is caused by server movement.[3]


This bug appears in comments on Profile Pages,[4] studios,[5] and projects.[6]

What It Does

Once the message leading to the comment is clicked on, the comment section may not load, preventing the user from seeing and replying to it. When the user goes to their profile normally, without the direct comment link, the comment will not be shown. This can cause the inability to reply. Sometimes, the comment can be seen by other Scratchers and may appear multiple times.[citation needed]

A comment that has been replied to.

Possible Solutions

Method 1:

Sometimes, if a user comments on one's profile later, the comment that previously would not show may appear.[7] Then, the user can view, reply, delete, or report the comment. This works with most users, but is only temporary. This will need to be done again when another comment will not show.

Method 2:

Clearing the browser's cache may help fix this problem.[8] If one uses Google Chrome, they can go to "Clear Browser Data" in Settings, click "Advanced," then select the following:

  • Browsing History
  • Download History
  • Cookies and other site data
  • Cached images and files

To clear the entire cache, one can select "All time." Then, they can click "Clear Data."

Note Warning: Clearing one's cache may sign the user out of some websites, requiring the person to login again. Also, it may take longer to open some websites because images and other graphics will need to be reloaded.

Users can also clear the cache of only the page by hard refreshing. Hard refreshing does not clear the cache of the whole browser. If the user is running Google Chrome, the user can press Ctrl (Fn if needed) + F5 on Windows or Cmd + Shift + R on Mac on their keyboard to perform a hard refresh.

Why It Happens

According to a Scratch Team member, this could be caused by the movement of Scratch servers.[3] This also causes the intermittent logout issue, which is also a common problem caused by servers moving.

"Bugs and Glitches" Forum

If the two methods to fix the bug will not work, one can try posting in the Bugs and Glitches forum (if one has a Scratch account) asking for help. Help can also be found online.[citation needed]

See Also


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