Developing Scratch Extensions
Forum ID: 48
Amount of activity: Low number of topics and replies
Opened: 2015
Types of users who can post: All users
Brief description: "A forum to give and get help creating Scratch Extensions."

Developing Scratch Extensions forum is a forum in the Discussion Forums. It can be found under the "About Scratch" forum category. It is a forum where Scratch Extensions developers can discuss about Scratch Extensions. It is the Extension Developer's Forum's successor, which is a private forum visible only to a selected group of Scratchers.[1] As of December 2023, the forum has over 1000 topics.

What the Forum Contains

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The forum generally contains topics on Scratch Extensions, such as asking for help on how to create them. Topics usually fall on one of these categories:

Asking questions on Creating Extensions

Some topics are questions about Scratch Extensions, or how to create them.[2]

Other topics are advertisements of a Scratch Extension,[3] usually posted by the same user as the user who created it.


This forum contains very low activity as only a tiny proportion of Scratchers are interested in coding Scratch Extensions.

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