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Note Warning: Do not play with this feature. Your account could be permanently deleted if you are not entirely sure what you are doing. Deleted accounts cannot be recovered.
The Account Deletion confirmation message

Account Deletion is a feature that is used if a Scratcher wants to delete their account on the Scratch Website. It was added on December 1, 2014.[1]


The Account Deletion link
The message that appears if the account is recovered within 48 hours

Here are the steps to deleting an account:

Note Note: Users must know their password to be able to delete their account.
  1. Tap the dropdown box with your username in it on the top right corner of your device and go to Account Settings.
  2. Click "I want to delete my account".
  3. The account's first 8 followers, including those who have unfollowed or deleted their account, when sorted alphabetically; the first five projects created from the account, including those that the user has permanently deleted; the time been on Scratch if the account is one month or older; as well as the user's follower count and project count will be shown to confirm a user wants to delete their account.
  4. Choose to either delete the account and projects, or delete the account but not any projects.
  5. The account will be placed on a "scheduled for deletion" list. Logging in at any point within 48 hours of the final confirmation will cancel the deletion by removing the account from the list.
  6. After 48 hours, the account will be permanently deleted and can no longer be logged into. Having downloaded the projects and using any project player or the offline editor is the only way to view and run the projects that the user has permanently deleted.

Recovering a Deleted Account

Account deletions are permanent. There is no way to recover them in normal circumstances. However, in rare cases, the Scratch Team can grant requests to restore deleted accounts through Contact Us.[2]

Bans Leading to Account Deletion

See also: Ban
What happens when trying to log on to a deleted account
Users get Scratch's 404 error if they click on a link leading to a deleted account

Bans are normally temporary, but if an account breaks the Community Guidelines repeatedly in the same manner, or the violation was particularly severe, the account may be deleted.[3]

Scratch Wiki

Accounts on the Scratch Wiki cannot be deleted because this functionality is not included in MediaWiki and the Creative Commons license requires content to be attributed to a user.


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