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The Curated Projects section on the Scratch 3.0 Front Page. To the right of the heading is a "Learn More" link to the Front Page Curator Applications studio.
The old row in Scratch 1.4.

The Projects Curated by () row on the Front Page shows the five most recent projects favorited by the current front page curator. A curator, or FPC, takes a one-week shift[1] (formerly two weeks), during which they curate projects by favoriting them. The row is updated, with a slight delay, whenever a new curator takes over or the current curator picks new projects. The row will show the curator's username at the top.

In Scratch 2.0 and 3.0, this row is the 3rd one from the top while in Scratch 1.4, the row was 4th from the top.

Other Uses

When the Collab Challenge 2011 results were released, the user Collab-Challenge was chosen as curator, displaying the chosen projects in this row. The usual learn more link was replaced with a link to the Collab Challenge studio.

The same thing happened at the end of each Collab Camp.


This row will not show up on the front page if one of the five curated projects is NFE or is otherwise blocked from the front page and the curator has 5 total favorited projects.[2] If the curator has less than 5 total favorited projects, this row will also not appear.

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