The camp logo, created by camp counselor -PRO-.

Creative Characters Camp (commonly abbreviated CCC) was an official event on the Scratch Website, and the third collaboration event on Scratch, after Collab Challenge and Collab Camp. The goal was for Scratchers to create sprites for other Scratchers to use in their projects. The objective of the camp was to get Scratchers to collaborate and create reusable sprites for others. The camp ran from July 7, 2014, through July 28, 2014. On July 13, 2015, a sequel to this camp was launched, named the Mix and Match Camp.


Participants created at least three sprites with at least three costumes each. Each sprite also included at least a single script. Participants could work on their own or in a collaboration.

Once the project with sprites is created, it was added to the Camp Cabin studio. From there, other users provided feedback for improving each entry.

During the final stage of the competition, participants pasted a link to their project in the Final Projects studio and one of the camp counselors added it.

After the event, the Scratch Team opened up a Scratch Design Studio and asked the community to create projects using sprites from the Creative Characters projects.

Camp Counselors

The camp included four counselors who assisted users. They are:

  • -PRO-
  • CrazyNimbus
  • lauraisawsome
  • venomous-squirrel

Scratch Mentors and members of the Scratch Team also helped with the camp.

Camp Counselors Forum

An image of the Camp Counselors forum.

At the top of the discussion forums page, below the Scratch Mentors Forum, is a forum for Creative Characters Camp counselors. Like the Moderator Forum, the forum is only accessible to the Scratch Team and Camp Counselors, with Scratch Mentors gaining access several weeks after the forum was created. The forum was used to plan the camp, reflect on the camp, and post announcements about the Creative Characters Camp.

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