(noop:: #c3af00)
Category Experimental (in 2.0), Control (in 3.0)
Type Reporter
(counter:: control)
The Counter block's appearance in Scratch 3.0.
The counter block's 2 block specs.

The counter block was a reporter block and an experimental block. It reported the value of the counter, which could be manipulated with the Incr Counter and Clear Counter blocks. Like most experimental counter blocks, it was a hidden block, meaning it could not be accessed via the block palette.

This block mistakenly showed as "noop" in the editor, due to there being two copies of the block spec being present.

This block is still present in Scratch 3.0 as a hidden block, and is fully functional. The block name is now correctly shown as "counter", and was moved to the Control category.


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block's functionality can still be accessed with a variable reporter ((counter)), in conjunction with these two workarounds for the Incr Counter and Clear Counter blocks:

change [counter v] by (1) // Incr Counter workaround

set [counter v] to [0] // Clear Counter workaround

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