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The start of the Cookie Policy.

The Cookie Policy is a policy found on the Scratch Website that provides information about cookies and other similar technologies used on Scratch. It also describes how users can disable these cookies and provides contact information for users who have a question about the policy. The policy supplements the information about cookies on the Privacy Policy. A link to the Cookie Policy can be found on the footer of every page. A summary of this policy as of November 2023 can be found below.


Note Disclaimer: This summary does not substitute the real Cookie Policy, which can be found here. Some information found here may be outdated, incorrect or missing. The Scratch Wiki does not accept any responsibility for any incorrect information listed here.

What types of Cookies are used on the Scratch Website?

This section provides types of cookies used on the Scratch Website and a list of cookies of that type used. There are 3 subsections named Essential Cookies, Functional Cookies and Analytical or Performance Cookies. Each of these subsections include a description about the type of cookies as well as providing a table of cookies used with their name, provider, description and the expiration time of the cookies.

Essential Cookies

Essential cookies are cookies that are strictly necessary to make the Scratch Website available. Disabling these cookies would make the website unavailable. As of November 2023, only 2 cookies of this type are used, and they are both provided by Scratch itself.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are cookies that are not necessary, but they provide functions that makes some functions on the website possible. For example, they store a user's preferred language. As of November 2023, 7 cookies of this type are used, 6 of which are provided by Scratch and the other is provided by Wistia.

Analytical or Performance Cookies

Analytical or Performance Cookies are cookies that are not necessary and does not provide any benefit for the user. However, they provide information for the Scratch Team for them to better understand about Scratch's users and how Scratch can be improved. As of November 2023, 25 cookies of this type are used. They are provided by Google, YouTube and Wistia.

How can you manage Cookies?

This section describes how users can disable cookies used on Scratch. It also provides an external website that provides information about cookies, which can be found here.

Contact Us

This section provides the email and physical address for enqueries of the Cookie Policy. Scratchers can email or send a mail to this address to ask a question about the Cookie Policy:

Scratch Foundation
ATTN: Cookie Policy
201 South Street
Suite 102
Boston, MA 02111

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