Community Blocks Forum
Forum ID: 51
Amount of activity: low number of topics and a low number of replies.
Opened: February 2016
Types of users who can post: Scratchers with a login key for the forum

The Community Blocks Forum is a forum created for the experimental feature, Community Blocks. Scratchers were randomly selected to participate in the forum and testing of the feature from a pool of active users.[1]


The forum as it appears on the homepage of the Discussion Forums

The forum was created for the experimental Scratch Extension, Community Blocks. Community Blocks had similar blocks to Net Scratch, as these blocks extracted data from the Scratch Website. These blocks could be used to program with data such as the amount of followers of a Scratcher, and who they are. The forum could be used to discuss these blocks and their uses.


Stickies include:

  • An FAQ topic answering common questions about the beta program and blocks added in the extension
  • An introduction topic explaining the extension and a link to a form for Scratchers to fill out that collects some information about their use of Scratch
  • A topic for Scratchers to give feedback on the Community Blocks (closed)
  • A show & tell topic for Scratchers to share projects created with Community Blocks
  • A notice about a small change made to the text on a couple of the blocks


Activity on the forum is very low due to the fact that the Community Blocks extension is no longer being tested, and the forum is not accessible to all Scratchers. Despite this, as of July 2020, the forum still exists and new topics can still be created.

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  1. "Invitees were selected from a pool of active users on Scratch who had been in the community for at least 6 months and had shared at least 4 projects in the month preceding the selection... From this pool, 2,500 users were randomly selected" (Page 5 of
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