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This article or section documents the current version of Scratch (version 3.0). For this article in Scratch 2.0, see Color Palette (2.0). For this article in Scratch 1.4, see Color Picker (1.4).
The color palette

The color palette is a feature of the Scratch Paint Editor which allows colors to be chosen in order to color objects in the canvas.


The color palette is an HSV color picker[1], albeit modified (the range for Color is 0-100 as opposed to 0-360 in the regular HSV format) so it supports the following values:

  • Color (Hue): Changing this affects the actual color from the spectrum.
  • Saturation: At 0, this makes the color a shade of gray. The closer this value is to 100, the more vivid the color looks.
  • Brightness (Value, Shade): This mixes the color with black. At 0, this makes the color black.

In the bottom-left corner, there is a button with a red line crossing it, this makes the object transparent (no color).

In the bottom-right corner, there is an eyedropper icon. Clicking it allows picking a color already on the canvas.


Gradients are smooth transitions between a number of different colors. In the Scratch color palette, gradients can be set using the four icons at the top.

  • Solid: This is the default mode. It doesn't create any gradients.
  • Horizontal: This creates a gradient, with color 1 at the left and color 2 at the right.
  • Vertical: This creates a gradient, with color 1 at the top and color 2 at the bottom.
  • Radial: This creates a gradient, with color 1 in the middle of the object and color 2 at the edges.

When a gradient mode is selected, three new buttons will appear at the top of the picker.

The first button represents color 1 and can be clicked in order to edit it. The last button similarly represents color 2.

Additionally, the button with two arrows can be used to swap the colors.

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