This article is about the regular Collaboration forum. For the Collab Challenge 2011 forum, see Collab Challenge#Collab Challenge 2011 Forum. For the Collab Camp forum, see Collab Camp#Forum.
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Forum ID: 10
Amount of activity: Moderate number of topics and a high number of replies.
Opened: 2010
Types of users who can post: Everybody.
Brief description: "Join with others to work together on Scratch projects!"

The Collaboration forum is a forum in the Scratch Forums where Scratchers "Join with others to work together on Scratch projects!".[1] As of February 2022, it has the most posts of any forum, with over 600,000 posts.[1]

What the Forum Contains

The Collaboration forum is for collaborations — the collaborations discussed are:

Project Collaborations

The most common collaboration by far is a project collaboration. A group of Scratchers gets together, discusses how the project will function and who'll work on what part, and then they go and start work. The forum topic is used as a 'headquarters' where the group can discuss the collaboration.

There may be collaborations in the forum of other objects than projects, but these usually do not occur.[2]

Company Collaborations

Project collaborations may evolve into a company collaboration. A company collaboration is a small group of people who work on different projects together. These companies may grow and expand outside of scratch and create their own websites and forums.

Roleplaying Games

Main article: Role Playing Game

This forum has also been a place for roleplaying games to place their info about them, usually if the info is very long and detailed. The actual roleplaying usually goes on in a studio though.


Forum threads involving collaborative topics have moved from forum to forum over time. During the first days of Scratch, forum threads advertising collaborative projects were usually placed in the Show and Tell forum. Later, most users usually placed their collaboration topics in the Inspiration and More forum. In January 2010 the Community Moderators and the Scratch Team decided to split up the old Inspiration and More forum into 4 new forums: Collaboration, Requests, Project Ideas and Miscellaneous — this gave collaboration topics a whole forum to themselves.

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