Change Pen () by ()
change pen ( v) by ()
Category Pen
Type Stack
Introduced in 3.0
The pen's color, saturation, brightness and transparency changed by the "Change pen () by ()" block.

The Change Pen () by () block is a pen block and a stack block. The block changes the specified value by the number input. The "color" option of this block replaced the pre-3.0 block change pen color by (), and the "brightness" and "saturation" options let Scratchers replicate the effect of the pre-3.0 change pen shade by () block.


The block's options of values to choose from are "color", "saturation", "brightness", and "transparency".

change pen (color v) by ()
change pen (saturation v) by ()
change pen (brightness v) by ()
change pen (transparency v) by ()

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