Change () by ()
change [ v] by ()
Category Variables
Type Stack
This block prior to Scratch 1.3.

The Change () by () block is a Variables block and a Stack block. The block will change the specified variable by a given amount. If the variable is a string and not a number, it is set to the given amount (casting the string to 0).

Prior to Scratch 1.3, this block did not have a drop-down input listing the variables, and instead, there was an instance of it for each variable.

Example Uses

Some common uses for the Change () by () block are:

  • Changing the speed of an object
set [speed v] to (2)
set x to (-240)
  change x by (speed)
  change [speed v] by (1)
  say [Whee!!!]
  • Changing a level number
if <touching (goal v)?> then
  change [level v] by (1)
  • Changing the score in a game
if <touching (laser v)?> then
  change [score v] by (-5)


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replaced by the following script:

set [variable v] to ((variable) + (amount))

The blank space at the far right contains the number that will change the value — a positive number to increase and a negative number to decrease the variable.

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