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when green flag clicked :: cat
An example of a cat block
A blinking cat block
A cat block when hovered over

A cat block is a type of block added temporarily on March 31 every year since 2020, for April Fools' Day, and removed on April 2 of the year.[1] Cat blocks function exactly the same as hat blocks and used the same block palette; however, cat blocks contain a face and cat ears at the base. Hovering the mouse over a cat block causes the cat block to blink, and hovering over one of the ears causes it to twitch.


The shape of a cat block is very similar to that of a hat block; however, cat blocks are modified to resemble a cat with cat ears on the base. All hat blocks were replaced with cat blocks on April 1st in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 including hat blocks not in Events. For example:

  • when green flag clicked becomes when green flag clicked:: cat
  • when I start as a clone becomes when I start as a clone:: cat
  • when ( v) pressed in order::makeymakey hat becomes when ( v) pressed in order::makeymakey cat
  • Invalid ID block SVG.svg becomes Invalid ID Cat Block SVG.svg
  • define function becomes define function:: cat


The invalid block as a cat block. Images of it were once common in forum signatures.

Although cat blocks were only added for April Fools' Day, many users have referenced them in Scratch culture.[2][3][4][5][6][7] Some users have asked the Scratch Team to re-add cat blocks permanently.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14] However, the Scratch Team officially stated on March 31st that they would not be permanent:

Hi folks! I'm super excited you all are so excited about the cat blocks (we love them too!). This is just for April Fool's Day[sic], so they will not be permanent. Just a fun thing for a few days ^.^ Enjoy them and Scratch On!

– ceebee[15]

Cat blocks have also been added to the block plugin[16] for the Scratch Wiki. They can be used with ::cat.

Some users wish for cat blocks to be enabled permanently or have an option to enable them permanently, but this is a rejected suggestion.[17] However, the Scratch Team has added cat blocks for April Fools' Day every year ever since 2021, and additionally, Scratch modifications have chosen to add an option for cat blocks; in
TurboWarp, cat blocks can be enabled with the "Cat blocks" addon, even when it is not April Fools' Day.

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