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Bugs and Glitches
Forum ID: 3
Amount of activity: High number of topics and replies.
Types of users who can post: All users.
Brief description: "Found a bug in Scratch? Describe it here!"
Previously named: Troubleshooting

The Bugs and Glitches forum is a forum in the Scratch Discussion Forums where Scratchers can report bugs and glitches. Prior to the forum update on January 26, 2012, it was called "Troubleshooting".


Unlike most forums, the Bugs and Glitches forum is only designed for one type of post: reporting bugs and glitches found in the Scratch program.

Most of the topics fall under these categories:

  • Bugs and glitches with the Scratch Program (e.g. the Disappearing Text Bug, clicking Save Picture of Scripts when there are no scripts in the Scripts Area)
  • Bugs and glitches with the Scratch Website (e.g. the Newest Projects row blanking out, comments from the same Scratcher having two different icons)
  • Issues such as the computer crashing suddenly when using Scratch

Occasionally, a Scratch Team member will sticky a post that asks for details about a specific glitch that has been experienced by many people in order to find out more and fix the problem.[1]

There are not many reported bugs and glitches about the Scratch Forums. However, bugs such as Scratchers having "0 posts" when they've posted on the forums, and topics having "0 views" are commonly reported in this forum.[2][3] This is due to lag time in updating the statistics, rather than actual glitches in the forum's code.


An image showing the Globe-like icon, and the result of clicking it.

The Bugs and Glitches forum has been quite active since the release of Scratch 3.0, as with a new program and website code comes new issues. Some popular topics about the Semicolon Glitch and Disappearing Text Bug had many responses.[4][5]

Scratch Team members commonly check the Bugs and Glitches forum. This is to find any bugs which are being reported and show them to the developers. The Scratch Team encourages users to click the globe-like icon in the forum post editor. This gives the user their browser and operating system, which helps the Scratch Team fix the bug. Note that when creating a new topic, the result of clicking this button is already placed in the editor by default.

Some Scratchers check the forum commonly, trying to find solutions for bugs, and why they're occurring.

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