Broadcast ()
broadcast ( v)
Category Event
Type Stack
The old wave block.
The menu of the old wave block.

The Broadcast () block is an Events block and a stack block which sends a broadcast throughout the whole project. Any scripts in any sprites that are hatted with the when I receive () block that is set to a specified broadcast will activate. This broadcast block lets scripts send broadcasts without any waits in its script (unlike the Broadcast () and Wait block). Broadcasts are a good way to have sprites and scripts communicate.

In very early versions of Scratch, this block was called Wave ().

Example Uses

If a script must be activated without a user prompt and after the project has started, the easiest way is through broadcasts. Some common uses are:

  • Communication between sprites
when this sprite clicked // in sprite1
broadcast (sprite2 move v)

when I receive [sprite2 move v] // in sprite2
move (10) steps
  • Connecting different events
when [space v] key pressed
repeat until <touching (edge v)?>
move (10) steps
broadcast (explosion v)
  • Running two scripts in the same frame:
when I receive [move v]
change x by (-5)
change y by (10)
set [script 1 v] to [done]
when I receive [move v]
change x by (-5)
change y by (-10)
set [script 2 v] to [done]
  • Preparing a scene with multiple sprites
when green flag clicked
broadcast (create scene v)


Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
Main article: Mesh

The Mesh feature allowed broadcasts to be received by other projects. It could also be used to connect different Scratch Modifications with different uses. For example, broadcasting something in the mod BYOB could be received by Enchanting, as long as they were connected via Mesh. Enchanting lacked keyboard/mouse support while BYOB could not control a robot; together they could cause a robot to react to mouse moves. See Communicating Between Scratch Modifications for more information.


Main article: Recursion

Recursion is a process where a script calls into itself. Broadcast scripts can perform a limited kind of recursion, called tail recursion, by broadcasting their own message at the end of the script, restarting the script and forming a loop.

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