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Robot TestTemplate CP.jpeg This user is a bot controlled by jvvg (talk | contribs). It is a legitimate alternate account used for speedily making large amounts of edits in place of a human. If it has been malfunctioning, please comment on the developer's talk page.
Name WikiMonitor
Task(s) Patrol recent changes and update the curator
Status Active
Programming language PHP
Edit process Fully automatic
Introduced in January 02, 2014
Other information Active the vast majority of the time

Hello! I am WikiMonitor, a bot that patrols recent edits. I look for common mistakes people make and notify them so that they can fix them and prevent them in the future. Please don't be worried if you get a notification from me, it's just a friendly reminder, it's not an alert or anything like that.


This bot is almost always on.

Edit process

This bot will look at recent changes and notify users if they are causing any problematic edits. See below for a list of possible problematic edits.

Turn off

To turn off this bot, turn this page to false. Otherwise, to turn off the bot immediately, block it. This should only be done as a last resort. After shutting-down the bot or turning it off, leave a message on the owner's talk page. If this bot is only causing problems on one page (i.e. only notifying one user repeatedly), then add the text {{NoBots}} to the top of that user's talk page.

Contact the owner

After editing the bot's settings, such as its usergroup, please contact the owner on his talk page. This is to make sure that unnecessary changes were not made and the bot is still working properly.

Source code

The source code for the edit patrolling portion of WikiMonitor is available on Github.

What to do if you have been notified incorrectly

Note Warning: Do NOT shut off WikiMonitor unless the problem is widespread.

This bot rarely makes mistakes, but it does happen occasionally. If you received a notification incorrectly, please calmly notify its owner. Please do not remove the original message from your talk page, as it can be useful in finding the problem and avoiding it in the future. If you are receiving repeated notifications for the same thing, then please add "{{NoBots}}" to the top of your talk page. If this is a widespread problem, then please shut it off and notify its owner.

NoBots override

Although this bot is normally compliant with the NoBots template (this bot will not comment on a talk page with the {{NoBots}} template), this bot is set to ignore that template for specific users. This normally is a result of a user repeatedly breaking the rules that this bot is designed to notify users about and the user attempting to avoid these notifications by adding the template to their talk page. If you are on this list (it will specify in the message if you are) and you are receiving notifications in cases where you did not break the rule you are being notified about, then please notify jvvg. Only shut it off if there are a large volume of edits coming quickly that do not stop after a few minutes.


This bot patrols recent changes for problems that can be easily found. It then fixes them (when applicable) and notifies the users on their user talk page. It is currently designed to look for:

  • Excessive edits to one page (see Configuration/TooManyEdits for the current definition)
  • Neglecting to sign posts on talk pages
  • Forgetting to categorize new pages and files

If the bot is triggered by any of the above actions, the user who made the edit(s) will be notified on their talk page. However, in the case of not signing posts, if a signature is added in a subsequent edit before the bot sees the post (up to 90 seconds), then the user is not notified.

Additionally, WikiMonitor automatically clears the sandbox after four hours of inactivity and updates the curator announcements weekly.


Many thanks to the following people who have helped make WikiMonitor work:

  • Turkey3, for designing the messages and suggesting that WikiMonitor check for categories
  • KrIsMa, for demonstrating how a bot should work
  • scmb1, for making all of the many technical changes necessary and putting up with constant requests
  • The entire Wiki community, for providing ideas and putting up with the many tests that needed to be carried out, as well as the incorrect edits that occur while features are incomplete
  • Krett12 for temporarily taking over the bot when jvvg goes on vacation.

Public Configuration

Most of the configuration settings for WikiMonitor are stored as Wiki pages. To see them, go to the configuration page.


This bot was created because the problems listed above can all be easily detected by a computer, and using a bot would take the burden off of other Wiki contributors and would also notify users much more quickly to let them know that they should stop the action that triggered the bot.


Yes This bot is working

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