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This article or section documents the current version of Scratch (version 3.0). For this article in Scratch 2.0, see Offline Editor (2.0). For this article in Scratch 1.4, see Scratch 1.4.
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The Scratch app, otherwise known as the Scratch offline editor, is a version of Scratch 3.0 that can be downloaded and installed on a computer, as opposed to being used in a web browser like the Online Editor. This is useful for those who wish to use Scratch without an internet connection or for class teachers who wish for their students not to participate with the online community. Scratchers also use it for creating a new version of their game without other users noticing.[1]

System Requirements

Main article: What are the system requirements for Scratch?

For the Scratch app to run properly, the following minimum system requirements are needed:[2]

  • Windows 10 Anniversary Update with x64 or x86 architecture[3] or later or macOS (OS X) 10.11 (El Capitan) or later [4] with a 64-bit processor or Android tablets/Chromebooks version 6.0 or later,[5] though users have reported successfully running the editor on Windows 7[6]
  • Approximately 360 MB of free storage on Windows, 200 MB on macOS, and 75MB on Android or Chrome OS

Downloading and Installation

Main article: How to Download the Offline Editor

The Scratch app can be downloaded from the Scratch website. An installer is provided. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, or Google Play Store.


The Scratch app is slightly different from the online editor. Projects are named by saving the project to one's computer (unlike the online editor, where a text input above the stage is used, though changing this text input in the app will change the name of the saved file). The tutorials also appear in the Scratch app. The top-right of the project editor, instead of displaying the login link or one's username, includes a question mark, which when clicked, has a menu that leads to the about screen, privacy policy, or data settings.

The app saves all projects in .sb3 format.

If installed from an app store, it updates automatically when a new version is available. The direct download version intentionally does not have this feature.[7] Additionally, on Android and Chrome OS, the projects are saved within the app, instead of being downloaded by the user.


See also: Project Sharing

Projects made in the Offline Editor can be uploaded to the Scratch Website and shared by opening a new project online, going to the file tab, and clicking "upload from your computer." However, the Offline Editor cannot directly upload projects to the Scratch Website. Uploading projects might be supported in a future version,[8] and will be a similar process as to Scratch 1.4 and Scratch 2.0; however, it will not allow project instructions, notes, or tag inputs directly from the upload.[citation needed]

Differences Between the Online Editor

Cloud Varibles and Backpack

Cloud variables and the backpack are not available in the offline editor. It is most likely because users not being able to log in in the offline editor.[citation needed]

The offline variable creator has no cloud data function.

Accessibility Color Changes

As of November 2023, the navigation bar is still blue in the Offline Editor, in contrast to Purple in the Online Editor. Other Accessibility Color Changes also has not been implemented yet as of November 2023, such as the High Contrast Color Mode.

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