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This article is about archives in general. For the Scratch archived forums, see Archived Forums.

An archive is a old version of a site or file. There are many pages that are archives such as the 1.x forums..

Reasons for Archiving

There are many reasons why a page could be archived[1]. For example it could be if it is going to a new version. But there are many more like:

  • Old pages
  • Different to the main page later on
  • Nearly moving
  • They just feel like it

Archive List

There are many archives[2], but here are a few of the notable ones related to Scratch and the Scratch Wiki.

April Fools Page Archive

When April Fools' Day was nearly over, many users archived topics with the WayBack Machine so they could still see the topics after the April Fools' Day forum was removed. An archived version of the forum can be found here.

Scratch 1.x forum

Main article: Archived Forums

The Scratch 1.x forum was archived when 1.x was nearly over [1]. The archive can be found here.

Scratch Wiki "Page history" Button

There is a page history button for seeing the history of a page. Clicking it can see revisions, also comparing revisions. See source code by comparing and looking at the target one as there is no archive button.

How To Archive

The basics of archiving are:
Start by using the WayBack Machine and create an account. Type the URL into[3] Additionally, people archive by making their own website.



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