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An animated SVG is an animated image in vector graphics, as opposed to bitmap. It is possible to upload animated SVGs on one's project and to save a project containing SVG animations, but an animated SVG costume or backdrop will not animate properly on the stage.

Note Warning: Flashy animations (ones in which large changes occur rapidly) may be irritating and can even cause photosensitive epileptic seizures. Do not use them in your projects as they may cause harm to users.

Appearance in Scratch

In the Paint Editor, an animated SVG is displayed as it would appear without any animations, and is converted to that form when edited. SVG animations are displayed properly in the Sprite Pane. An animated SVG costume is displayed on the stage as it would appear at the start of the animation. On the stage, vector costumes are cropped in rectangles that are supposed to contain all details of the vector image, but when a costume contains SVG features that Scratch does not ordinarily encounter, like animations, the chosen rectangles may leave out parts of the image.[1]


The code to copy the SVG to a full circle even is full-screen:

when gf clicked
erase all

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