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An alert, found under the section "Messages from the Scratch Team" on the messages page, is a notification from the Scratch Team sent to communicate with users for various reasons. They are received in the messages page. Only Scratch Team members can send alerts, as they are designed to notify a user about confidential matters, such as an invitation to a private group or a notice that the user has violated the Community Guidelines.


The usage of an alert is for the Scratch Team to privately communicate with a Scratcher. Although the primary usage of this is when a Scratcher has violated the Community Guidelines, there can be other reasons as well. For example, an invitation to a Scratch Team-owned group, being notified they can now get the Scratcher status or when they can comment again after being muted.

Common reasons for getting alerts

  • When a mute expires
  • The user is invited to become a Scratcher
  • The user violated a part of the Community Guidelines (Usually a comment or project getting taken down)
  • The user falsely reported something
  • A section of their profile has been edited by the Scratch Team
  • The Scratch Team contacted the user in any other way
  • They have been invited to a Scratch Team owned group
  • One of the user's projects was featured by the Scratch Team[1]


Alerts differ from ordinary messages in that, unlike messages and notifications which are marked as read upon the page being loaded, alerts must be manually marked as read by clicking the X. This is to ensure a user reads an alert, rather than simply ignoring it - by accident or intentionally. Once the alert is read, the alert will be removed from the normal messages page. Until the user receiving the alert clicks the button, the alert will continue to show as an unread message and populate the count of unread messages. Up until 2017, it was possible to view a filter of all alerts that were received in the past.[citation needed]


While no contact method is provided within the alert itself, the Contact Us page can be used for discussing or appealing alerts.


Main article: Ban

If a Scratcher receives multiple alerts in a short time period, they may receive an account ban. There are no precise requirements for being banned, but if a Scratcher has disregarded multiple alerts about community guidelines violations they may be banned, as it seems they are not paying attention to the alerts they receive. However, users who join Scratch simply to cause trouble and post inappropriate content may be banned without previous warning.[2]

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  2. Sometimes there are people who only join Scratch to try to cause trouble and post really inappropriate stuff. If someone joins Scratch and is genuinely interested in engaging with the community, then they likely wouldn't be blocked right away. users:Za-Chary/#comments-76250099[dead link]
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