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Advanced Topics
Forum ID: 31
Amount of activity: Low number of topics and a moderate number of replies.
Types of users who can post: All users can create and reply to topics.
Brief description: "Talk about technical aspects, advanced features, or Scratch Modifications (Mods) here."

The Advanced Topics forum is a forum in the Scratch Forums where Scratchers can discuss advanced subjects such as Scratch Modifications and third-party websites that utilise the Scratch API, and more technical topics about the Scratch Program. This forum is somewhat like the forums for programming in advanced languages.[1]


The forum is simply for advanced topics related to Scratch — these topics include:

Modifying (Modding) Scratch

A popular part of Scratch is creating Scratch Modifications — the Scratch source code is downloaded, edited, and put up for others to use. Scratch Modifications typically contain new blocks, extra and enhanced features, enabled Mesh, and more. There are topics that teach different parts of modifying Scratch, as well as topics that ask for help with modifying Scratch.

These topics go in the Advanced Topics forum, although some Scratchers would like a forum to be made specifically for these topics.[2] Topics about modifying Scratch make up the majority of topics in this forum.


Although this forum is restricted to advanced topics, guides can still be made. As some advanced things may be difficult, some Scratchers write guides to help other Scratchers learn how to do them. These guides tend to teach parts of modifying Scratch or technical information.

Many guides can be found in the forum's ITopic index.[3]

Other Projects and Discussions

There are also other projects dedicated to or inspired by Scratch, such as Antidote, ScratchBB, and Mega Scratch Userscript.

This forum is also the home to popular discussions on "hacking" Scratch (generally using a security hole to do things)- either an attempt topic or a guide on how to do it. Examples include an attempt at getting Kaj to follow them and a topic on how to animate a project thumbnail.

Although the Advanced Topics was originally meant for discussing advanced or technical Scratch features, the forum has morphed into a place where Scratchers talk about technical things in general, such as (GNU/)Linux,[4] home-made programming languages,[5][6] advanced programming topics,[7] and creating things in other programming languages.[8][9]


Even though the Advanced Topics forum only contains advanced topics, the forum is somewhat active, as many Scratchers are interested in modifying Scratch, and therefore are active in this forum.

Many users collaborate in Advanced Topics, and use the Scratch Forums as a place to meet people to collaborate to edit Scratch, make Scratch extensions, or create things in other programming languages that may or may not have anything to do with Scratch.

The Advanced Topics forum has fostered a subculture among the frequent posters. Some users who are most active in this forum refer to themselves as "ATers", and consider the forum as a mini-community.[10] This forum is also a place for advanced coding challenges such as "Code Golf",[11] advanced mathematical challenges,[12][13] as well as discussions on what to learn after Scratch.[14][15]

The Advanced Off-topics

This forum is also infamous for having topics go extremely off-topic to the point that within 2 or 3 pages the discussion has changed to something completely different than the original topic,[citation needed] and was even temporarily renamed to the "Advanced Off-topics" on April Fools' Day 2016.[16]

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