The 404 message on the Scratch Website.
The 404 message in Scratch 2.0.

A 404 error is an error page that is shown when a page requested does not exist or could not be found. An example of a 404 error on Scratch can be viewed here.

On Scratch

404 errors are displayed when one searches for a nonexistent user, a nonexistent or removed project, or a nonexistent page. If one searches for a user that once existed but their account has been deleted, it will return a 404 error to everybody except for the Scratch Team.[1] If a project has been flagged by the logged in user, visiting that project will return a 404 error on the account they reported it with as well.[citation needed] Attempting to visit unshared projects now also returns a 404 error, although this previously had a dedicated page.[citation needed]

The text, "Whoops! Our server is Scratch'ing its head" is displayed, along with a picture of a puzzled Giga with a magnifying glass.


The old 404 image

The Scratch 404 page did not always have an image on it. In December, 2009, the then-Scratch Team member andresmh asked for an image to adorn the 404 page.[2] The chosen image was made by the Scratcher DavidTy.[3] He was credited with the creation beneath the image on the page.

The 404 page by DavidTy

In Scratch 2.0 this image was replaced with a grey image of the Scratch Cat,[4] then on December 1, 2014, the image was replaced with Giga with a magnifying glass.[citation needed]

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