The message when trying to post to the forums from a recently created account
The message when trying to post a phrase against the censor (the word used to trigger the filter has been pixelated)

On November 30, 2023, the discussion forums were updated. After a significant downtime in the previous 7 days, the forums were restored, with multiple updates having taken place:

  • The Discussion Forums now use the same censor as the rest of the site[1]
  • The mobile view has been removed[2]
  • Recently created accounts cannot post to the forums[3]
    • This does not prevent all New Scratchers from posting to the forums; New Scratchers are still able to post to the forums as long as their account was not created too recently[4], and they have participated in some activity on the main website[citation needed]

These changes to the forums were made to take advantage of an already existing maintenance period to add anti-abuse measures.

The forums was capable of being a nasty lag monster, and one of the monster-transformation triggers is the forum moderation tools becoming unwieldy due to the forum's large size and age (it's been around for about a decade now). So yeah, there was a forum troll, a mod was trying to clean the forum space up as normal, and forums got turned into a lag monster.

The filter change stuff was kind of a last-minute spur of the moment thing (our engineers took advantage of the longer-than-usual forum maintenance period). Since it was a rush thing put together over Thanksgiving, it isn't perfect

– cheddargirl, on this post

Censor Change

The forums now have the same censor as the rest of the site; when a user attempts to post something to the forums that goes against the censor, it will not be posted, although, unlike the main site, the user will not be muted.[1] As a result, the forums were no longer used for reporting censor issues since they could not be posted to the forums either.[5]

The previous filter was not removed, so posting anything that is blacklisted on the forums, but not the main site, will still be replaced with an asterisk. In addition,, after previously being added to the blacklist due to abuse in comments, was no longer usable on the forums. The Scratch Team stated that it would not be removed, as hosting images on the forums is not the intended use case of the Assets server.[6]


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