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Scratch 16Mar04
Scratch 16Mar04.png
Variants 16Mar04
Release Date 14Feb04 — 2004/03/16
Programming language Squeak
Download 16Mar04
Predecessor 14Feb04
Successor 13Oct04

Scratch 16Mar04, created on March 16, 2004, was the fourth version of Scratch. It was not released to the public until long after its creation. This version is the first to have the modern stage layout found in modern Scratch versions, as well as the first to use the modern block shapes.

Broadcast System

The waving (now broadcasting) system was greatly expanded upon in this version, with the two old wave blocks (wave []:: #63b5ce and when [] waves:: #9c00ce) being removed in favor of 6 new blocks:

  • when [] received:: #9c00ce
  • send [] to all:: #63b5ce
  • send [] with []:: #63b5ce
  • message value:: #63b5ce
until [] received {
}:: #ff9431
  • wait until []:: #63b5ce

xfiltering category

A new block category was added, known as "xfiltering". This category introduced 6 new blocks:

  • filter reset:: #63b5ce
  • shift hue []:: #63b5ce
  • shift brightness []:: #63b5ce
  • shift saturation []:: #63b5ce
  • blur []:: #63b5ce
  • whirl []:: #63b5ce

Other Added Features

  • copy:: #63b5ce
  • die:: #63b5ce
  • sensor []:: #63b5ce
  • pen size []:: #63b5ce
  • clear pen trails:: #63b5ce
  • say []:: #63b5ce
  • say nothing:: #63b5ce
  • show:: #63b5ce
  • hide:: #63b5ce
  • go to back:: #63b5ce
  • come front by []:: #63b5ce


This version still uses pre-defined variables like 14Feb04, however they now look like the rest of the blocks. The variable selection in this version is also different, lacking layer and penSize, and having "opacity" instead of "transparency".

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