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() Contains ()?
() contains ()?
Category Operators
Type Boolean
Introduced in 3.0

The () contains ()? block is a boolean block and an operators block. The block returns whether or not the first parameter's text contains the second parameter's text. The comparison is not case-sensitive.

Example Uses

Checking whether input contains a certain string - useful for soft-checking as the actual input may not be exactly identical:

when green flag clicked
switch costume to (bunny v)
ask [What's this animal?] and wait
if <(answer) contains [bunny]?> then // the contains block is used instead of equal to because the user might say "a bunny"
    say [Correct!]
    say [Nope!]

Case Sensitivity

This block is not case sensitive. For example:

<[apple banana] contains [apple]?> // reports true
<[apple banana] contains [APPLE]?> // reports true
<[apple banana] contains [Apple]?> // reports true

Special Cases

If the second Argument is empty, this block will always report true.


Main article: List of Block Workarounds
define (string1) contains (string2)::custom
set [i v] to [0]
set [j v] to [1]
repeat (length of (string1))
    change [i v] by (1)
    if <(letter (i) of (string1)) = (letter (j) of (string2))> then
        set [j v] to [1]
        repeat until <<not <(letter ((i) + (j)) of (string1)) = (letter (j) of (string2))>> or <(j) > (length of (string2))>>
            change [j v] by (1)
        if <(j) > (length of (string2))> then
            set [result v] to [true]
            stop [this script v]
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